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Meet Esther from Agbogbloshie

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Located in Agbogbloshie suburb of Accra, the Agbogbloshie market is as lively and busy a market as the ones that I am most familiar with, like that of Adjame in Abidjan or the HLM in Dakar. The vendors are calling you from everywhere to come see their products. There, you can find everything from sanitary products to fruits and vegetables, and from textiles to electronic gadgets. Even though the same market suffered a fire last year, vendors still manage to run their businesses successfully.

Meet Esther Ansah, a friendly, courageous and determined woman who sells cosmetic at the Agbogbloshie market. Esther works alone in her small (2 meters square) stall that she rents for around 170 Ghana Cedis (GHC) per the year. Even though she has been in business for 20 years, she only recently started working with Accion partner EB-Accion to get a loan. She told me that four years ago, “my business had exponentially grown. Before, I only had few products to sell, but now, with EB-Accion loans, I am able to diversify the products I am selling and earn a big profit.” The excellent relationship and the great benefit she earns from working with EB-Accion has led her to her third loan of about 5000 GHC (around $1600).

Esther Ansah in her stall.

Esther Ansah in her stall.

Esther told me about her two children whom she is able to support with her increased income and her husband’s help. Although, she did joke sarcastically that “ it’s my husband’s business to take care of those fees”. She proudly added though that she can now also support her mother through the growth of her business.

Her entrepreneurial mind and business abilities have allowed Esther to build a house, which she hopes to rent very soon to have another source of revenue apart from her cosmetic business. She earns between 100 ghc to 400 ghc by day when the business is at its peak.

You will wonder how she keeps record of her sales and benefits… Well , like many women in the market of Agbogbloshie , she replied “the record is in my head” .

Nonetheless, you can trust her good credit relationship with Accion to be a proof of her growth as a fascinating entrepreneur.

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