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Meet Dilshod


Dilshod is an entrepreneur from the outskirts of Bangalore, in Karnataka, India who makes Agarbatti. Say What? Agarbatti? Yes, Agarbatti, which is the Hindi word for incense.


It was so fascinating to go behind the scenes and see how something is made that I use nearly every day. And the speed of her hands! My camera could barely focus.


When I visited Dilshod, she was working on the first step of making Agarbatti, which is rolling charcoal powder and an adhesive onto bamboo sticks.  The last two steps are adding the fragrance (Sandalwood, Star Anise, Cedarwood, Patchouli…can’t you just SMELL India already ?!) and packaging the finished Agarbatti, which will be sold to homes, workplaces, and places or worship, in India and around the world.


Dilshod told me that her favorite part of her new business is the fact that she can not only stay home with her children, but she takes pride in knowing that she is providing a brighter future for them.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Dilshod

  1. How interesting… I’d never given any thought to how incense was made! And yes, I can almost smell India now. I need to go pick up some incense for my house!

    Thanks for sharing, Asya!

  2. it was quiet educational,in our daily lives we see so many things , but we never ask how that or this object was made?
    By checking this blog and seeing how incense was made I am glad something so basic can make our environment so attractive.

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