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Saving starts young

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Why is it a good idea to save? What can we do with money that we save? What else can we save besides money?

These are the questions that a Fundación Paraguaya loan officer asks her clients when she presents the Children’s Savings training to their committees. Outside of Encarnación, Gladys offered this training to three groups while I observed. They were engaging sessions, not just for the participatory way in which they were run, but also because the training calls on the clients to share what they learn, and the ideas they generate, with their children.

At one of Gladys’ meetings, we were lucky enough to have two attendees who were the right age to appreciate the lessons being taught. I asked Guadalupe and Karen what dreams they wanted to fufill with their personal savings.



Guadalupe’s dream: she wants to buy more toys.

Karen’s dream is more specific: she wants to buy a doll. When her mother mentioned that she already has a doll, Karen clarified, “But I want a doll that talks.”



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Author: Esther Cervantes

Accion International Ambassador with Fundacion Paraguaya, Nov 2012-Jan 2013.

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